Thomas Lang

Co-Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Spent eleven years with IBM prior to becoming an entrepreneur. Thereafter founded, managed and sold a chain of Executive Business Centers. Chairman and President of award winning multimedia pioneer, Quadra Interactive. Partnered several startups and is one of the four founders of Digenetics, Inc. Graduate of San Diego State University and served as a USMC Infantry Officer in Vietnam. Chaired numerous San Diego community organizations and currently a Director on the Rancho Santa Fe, CA Association Board.

David Fogel, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & Member of the Board of Directors
Creator of the Blondie24 evolutionary checkers program that taught itself to play checkers at a level commensurate with human experts. Lead inventor on patented Digenetics® technology which governs the design of evolutionary characters in competitive games. Published over 200 scientific articles and 6 books treating the application and theory of evolutionary computing in diverse areas, including defense planning, homeland security, medicine, and digital entertainment. Award-winning scientist with recognitions from the IEEE, Sigma Xi, and SPIE. Developed interactive text mystery games in the 1980s that were distributed as educational software in school systems in the USA. Current President of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (2008-2009).

Tim Hays
Co-Founder & Director of Software Development
Co-creator of Digenetics® technology. Over 30 years of game industry experience. Lead programmer on over 70 PC and video games for most every platform ever sold. Mr. Hays has created titles in many entertainment genres such as The X-Files, Gameday Football, Terry Bradshaw Football '97, ESPN Baseball Tonight, EA Sports' NHL Hockey '93 to '98, Muhammad Ali Boxing, Messiah, R/C Stunt Copter, and "Wings", a best-selling WWI flight simulator.

Douglas Johnson
Co-Founder & Creative Advisor
Videogame and PC entertainment industry veteran and creative designer. Formerly of IBM and Park Place. Founder of Quadra Interactive, an award-winning multimedia publisher. Foresaw market opportunities in entertainment with evolutionary computing technology, developing unique evolving digital beings. Co-inventor on two Digenetics' patents for virtual reality and evolutionary digital intelligence technologies. Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Hard Lick Sports, Inc., developer of advanced sports simulation games for smartphones and other advanced mobile entertainment devices.
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