Digenetics is collaborating with leading game publishers and developers to create a new generation of digital interactive entertainment products. Through its patented process that enables digital characters to evolve unique physical, intellectual, and personality traits, Digenetics is redefining the nature of traditional and online games - MMOs, social games, and virtual worlds. Imagine, for example, a world where a game boss in an online dungeon learns from its battles and other encounters with players. Each time the boss character interacts with players, it learns and adapts its tactics making for more challenging battles. Additionally, players may try something novel and the boss might respond in a random manner -- perhaps stop attacking and instead throw a random quest chain, or perhaps even walk away from the battle. Or imagine adopting a virtual pet and over time, enjoying the experience as your virtual pet evolves intelligence and personality based on its interactions with you. Or how about a bass fishing game where the fish not only grow larger, but smarter as they are caught and released? The result of this adaptive evolutionary learning is more fun, challenging and enormous replay value. The possibilities are endless.  Gameplay will never be the same.

Our first project, Ultimate Soccer Boss™
was a collaborative effort with New Gen Media and Webplus Beijing. The English language version was released for the North American market in 2009. International versions of Ultimate Soccer Boss are slated for release in 2010 stay tuned. Sign up today and join the fun at www.ultimatesoccerboss.com.
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