Ultimate Soccer Boss™ Enters Open Beta

El Monte, CA, March 23, 2009 -- MMOABC, a leading massively-multiplayer online (MMO) portal, is proud to announce the start of open beta testing for Ultimate Soccer Boss, an MMO Sports Manager Game powered by Digenetics, Inc. Ultimate Soccer Boss (USB) is the first ever free-to-play soccer manager browser game powered by Digenetics' patented adaptive evolutionary learning technology which allows players' skills to evolve. Players interested in participating for open beta can sign up at www.ultimatesoccerboss.com starting March 25th and will run up till its gold launch.

Unlike other sports manager games, Ultimate Soccer Boss will feature players that actually evolve their skills over time based on variables such as numbers of plays, training matches, and overall management of the club, thus resulting in a truly unique game play. "The open beta event is a major milestone for all partners involved in the development and launch of Ultimate Soccer Boss to soccer fans from around the world," said MMOABC Founder and CEO Andy Tong. "It will be exciting to see how our MMO community interacts with other soccer managers from around the globe as the results will be unprecedented." "We're excited to be yet another step closer to the launch of Ultimate Soccer Boss where soccer fans around the world will be able to enjoy a truly unique soccer manager game," said Digenetics CEO James Lin.

"Soccer fans can get a taste of the first evolving soccer manager game during the open beta event of Ultimate Soccer Boss," said Webplus CTO Brian Keller-Heikkila. "They can manage a fully-evolving team while helping us test and improve the experience." Ultimate Soccer Boss updates include updated sign up process, improved feedback system, shop upgrades, social networking improvements, hall of fame feature, and refinement of match highlights. Open beta allows the development team to better observe overall game play, perform system stress tests, and ultimately perfect the Ultimate Soccer Boss experience. Ultimate Soccer Boss is slated for released in spring 2009.

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About Digenetics
Digenetics, Inc. is a San Diego, CA-based technology company that has created a patented process that gives digital characters the ability to evolve unique physical, intellectual, and personality traits. Based on advanced proprietary evolutionary computation techniques, Digenetics enables characters to adapt and learn from their experiences and then make changes within their environment without the need for further programming. In collaboration with leading game publisher and developer partners, Digenetics is poised to revolutionize the digital interactive entertainment industry. Fun and innovative digital entertainment products are planned for release in the near future. Gameplay will never be the same.
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