Based on advanced proprietary evolutionary computation techniques, Digenetics has created a patented process for digital characters that actually provides these characters the ability to learn from their experiences and then make changes to adapt within their environment without the need for further programming. Simply put, our technology enables digital characters to evolve truly unique physical, intellectual, and personality traits.

In collaboration with leading traditional and online game publishers and developers, Digenetics is poised to revolutionize the gaming experience derived from traditional and online games – massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), social games, virtual worlds and avatar-based entertainment applications. In 2009, Digenetics emerged from stealth mode, powering the player skills evolution feature in Ultimate Soccer Boss™, a traditional online soccer manager game launched in North America by online game company New Gen Media. International versions of Ultimate Soccer Boss are planned for 2010, as are other game releases featuring our patented adaptive evolutionary learning technology.

Gameplay will never be the same.

"Evolutionary computation," one of the fastest growing areas of computer science, is a simple, yet very powerful approach to computer-assisted problem solving. "EC" is considered by many to be a form of "artificial intelligence." Whether EC should be classified as "artificial" depends heavily on which definition of "intelligence" is being considered. Many scientists working in the field of "machine learning" found a useful definition of "intelligence" to be, "The capacity of a decision-making system to adapt its behavior to meet objectives within a range of environments." This concept is at the heart of the theory of random variation and natural selection made famous by naturalist Charles Darwin.

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